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03 - 03 - 2015
Heating through convection vs. underfloor heating system
03 - 09 - 2010
We execute gas pipeline and connections on Dreptatii Street in Giurgiu
27 - 08 - 2010
We offered two heating stations durring The Alexandria’s Days
20 - 08 - 2010
Gas pipeline on the Ulcica Pacii Street in Giurgiu
11 - 08 - 2010
Replacement of the natural gas pipe and connections on Mitropolit Nifon street in Bucharest
10 - 08 - 2010
Start extending gas distribution Giurgiu
27 - 07 - 2010
Supply Service has moved
15 - 07 - 2010
Expanding existing gas and thermal installation at Koyo Company, Alexandria
10 - 07 - 2010
Miral Cup, the 8th Edition
31 - 05 - 2010
The transition from central heating to the individual heating in the 124 apartments in Turnu Magurele
26 - 04 - 2010
Visit to the Radiant factory in Italy
27 - 03 - 2010
Mostra Convegno Expocomfort 2010 in Milan
05 - 03 - 2010
Meeting with Radiant partners in Olanesti
21 - 02 - 2010
Natural gas installations and gas conditioning hot / cold at the Vegetables and flowers market, Alexandria
28 - 11 - 2009
Expert Gaz Forum
07 - 10 - 2009
World Gas Exhibition – Buenos Aires, Argentina
28 - 08 - 2009
We sponsor and participate in the Days of the City of Alexandria
11 - 07 - 2009
Miral Cup, the 7th Edition
06 - 04 - 2009
Adjustment and measurement station at SC Imperial SA in Turnu Magurele
18 - 02 - 2009
Info Visit in Italy, to the Radiant Factory
06 - 02 - 2009
Adjustment and measurement station at the Thermal point no. 2 in Turnu Magurele
15 - 12 - 2008
For the small ones
11 - 12 - 2008
Adjustment and measurement station at the Thermal Point no. 1 in Turnu Magurele
07 - 12 - 2008
Miral Instal sponsors
27 - 11 - 2008
Award winners within the ExpertGaz network
30 - 08 - 2008
Miral Cup, 6th Edition
13 - 04 - 2008
“Win in Romtherm with Distrigaz Sud!”
10 - 07 - 2007
Miral Cup, 5th Edition

Heating through convection vs. underfloor heating system



Heating through convention



Underfloor heating
Civil buildings, industrial consumers or

agricultural-zoological consumers, consumers from tertiary sector (hospitals, polyclinics, hotels, restaurants etc.) ;

Civil buildings, industrial buildings with large spaces and without the need of mechanic ventilation, in industrial production premises, spa centers, kindergarten;
  Because of the direct contact with the leg on the heating floor surface, it’s temperature must be limited on 25-30°C and maximum 25 degrees where you must walk barefoot (pool). In conclusion there is a physiologically advantage, but also a disadvatge consisting in the amount of heat that is wasted in the room;
Is occuping a lot o space in the interior design of a home Advantage: the design does not limit the possibility of decorating
It doesn’t limit the space occupied by the furniture in the house,but you must consider your options to decorate the room so you won’t cover the radiators even though they are put on the walls. It’s reccomanded to use the underfloor heating in places that are not filled with an considerably amount of furniture. In the rooms filled with furniture is reccomanded that the furniture can be sustained by supports in order to alow the heat circuit. If there is more furniture than needed you can use underfloor heating in combination with radiators: for example if in one room there is furniture that occupy more than 40% of the floor space, you must use also radiators.
The heating system based on radiators heats the air based on air currents that rich the ceiling. This is why  you can feel the warmth in a high point of the room and very cold down your feet. This may cause thermal discomfort. Increased comfort unlike the heating based on radiators, because of the higher temperature at the surface of your feet which increases till it reaches a higher point of the vertical surface.
Is more budget friendly when you decide to make an investment, but through time, the costs are higher; The price of the investment is very high but you can recover your costs very quickly in the first 3 months. Your bill will be 20% more advantageous than the standard solution. (heating through radiators)
It goes on any type of floor, but with hone, marble and other materials like the nes before the comfort is reduced significally. The system can be used for any kind of floor: marble, hone, mozaic, linoleum, carpet, parquet, but it’s recommanded not to use massive parquet because it absorbes more than over 30% warmth. It’s necessary the opinion of a specialist or producer so you choose the right type of material.
In this case, the rising hot air currents trains in their motion the dust on the room, and this may be a problem for children or people with allergies Through constant heating, the damage caused by mold is reduced, also the proportion of dust and mites is reduced. The system is reccomanded for persons with allergies;
The traditional heating systems which heat only the air, because of the wood, coal and gas consumption can not be defined as ecological systems There are no risks of eliminating carbon monoxide like the central heating systems can do
You can put radiators in any space and any place In places where are radiant floors you can’t give digging holes
It’s a long lasting heating system type, but not as long lasting as the radiant system can be It’s long lasting, and it can last almost 100 years
Central heating systems may need revisions There are no expenses with meintenance like revisions.