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About Us

Miral Instal Company has gained over ten years’ experience in the utility’s network area, experience which led to increasing the level of specialization and to expanding the range of works and services. Our offers are adressed to property developers, companies, but also to individuals. Our clients benefit from complete and effective professional solutions. Our team is composed by more than 100 people, who are constantly aware of the latest news on technology in the area we perform and are also oriented to improvement and development. The effort  put into work by our qualified employees, together with the latest technology and equipment, are responsible for our works which are made in line with specific norms and standards from our field work.

Our main focus for the quality of installation works was materialized through documentation and implementation by specific procedures according to the Integrated Management System (OHSAS 18001, ISO/CEI 27001, SA 8000:2008, ISO-9001, ISO-14001).

Our company is authorized by:

  • ANRE (Romanian Energy Regulatory Authority) for design and execution of natural gas instalations, connections and pipe extensions;
  • ISCIR (State Inspection for the Control of Boilers, Recipients under pressure and Lifting Installation) for fitting, installing, commissioning, repair, technical verification and authorization of heating stations.
  • Certificate for  rehabilitation of affected areas and urban engineering works on the territory of Bucharest.

The main categories of works and services we can provide are:

  • consulting and obtaining approvals and permits necessary for utility networks (water-channel, natural gas);
  • design and execution of networks and branching for water, channel and natural gas ;
  • design and execution of thermal, sanitary and natural gas installations;
  • assembling and comissioning a wide range of professional equipments;
  • technical verifications  and revisions for the natural gas installation and heating stations;
  • chemical washing of the heating stations and of the related installation as a result of removing limescale and iron oxide deposits;
  • execution of horizontal directional drilling with diameters between 32 and 200 mm.
  • design and execution for rebuilding areas affected by engineering works and urban territory in Bucharest.

Special works:

  • under-crossing by high-quality equipments, which does not need the dismemberment of the road, but only the drilling of position holes for railways, tramway, pipes and connections with diametres between 40 and 400 mm;
  • overpassing roads and watercourses.


Identification data:

Date of founding: February 11, 2003
Tax identification number: J40/1818/2003
Identification number of the company: 15198012
Registred seat: Bucharest, Marius Emanoil Buteica Alley, nr. 18-20, district 3