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Throughout our business we provided complex works of designing and executing natural gas distribution networks for Engie Romania and for other distribution system operators like:

  • Distrigaz Sud Retele;
  • Wirom Gas;
  • Megaconstruct.

We have also provided the designing, execution of use and thermal installations and supplying the heating equipment for beneficiaries, real estate developers and office buildings like:

  • UpGround Real Estates;
  • Delenco Construct;
  • Global Worth Asset Managers;
  • Metropolitan Residence;
  • Parc Industrial Novoparc 3;
  • Veranda Obor Mall;
  • Carrefour;
  • Parklake Shopping Mall;
  • Vastint Romania;
  • BASP Property,

And also for commercial spaces developers, industrial parks and sports centers:

  • Intercora;
  • Parc Industrial Profaur;
  • Masterange Romania.

Great merit in successfully completing work projects we had is granted by contributors, our long lasting partners in the field we perform. We have also cooperated with:

– installations general contractors like:

  • Modulex Group;
  • Global Vision;
  • Arconi Group.

– general contractors in civil and industrial constructions like:

  • Consola Group;
  • Bog’Art;
  • Conarg.

– general contractors of roads, bridges and utilities networks like:

  • Delta ACM 93′;
  • Euroconstruct Trading 98;
  • Technologica Radion;
  • Dimar;
  • Straco Group;
  • Apolodor Grup Construct.

Within the complex works we have made, as subcontractors and specialist consultants, alongside us have participated the following companies:

  • Rapid Complex- executing design and execution of drilling;
  • Snif Proiect- designer specialist of undercrossing and overpass water;
  • Termo Sistem Control- designer and executant of heating systems rated for over 300 kw.

The best equipments have contributed to our successful projects from supplyers like:

  • Primatech – detection systems;
  • Totalgaz – producer of pressure controllers and of control – measurement stations for the distribution and transport of natural gas;
  • Rabur – hot air generators;
  • Valrom Industry, BlackSea Suppliers – PE and PVC tube material and equipment installations;
  • Radiant, Immergas Ferroli, Viessman – big producers and supplyers of heating stations.