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            The quality and safety operating of natural gas installations are ensured by the approvals we have from ANRE that certify the competence and specialization of our company in the related field. Is important to highlight that the natural gas installation can be executed only by companies that are authorized by ANRE. The first step you must take is to find a company that fulfills these requirements in order to become their client and benefit from it’s services.

Miral Instal Company owns the following authorizations from ANRE:

  • EDI- execution, verification and revision of natural gas installations with pressures less than or equal to 6 bars;
  • PDS- designing distribution systems;
  • EDS- execution distribution systems;
  • PDI- designing natural gas installations with pressure less than or equal to 6 bars.

          One of the benefits of being our client consists in the possibility to avail of complete services, which allows fulfilling all the required phases for the construction of the natural gas installations, from designing, obtaining necessary approvals, to execution, verifications and revisions. The full range of services related to our industry starting with use installation works, stations and measurement control stations works, extensions and connections, pipelines and branches replacements, and finishing with distribution network interventions are performed using high quality equipment. We constantly invest in innovative equipments acquisitions in order to improve the quality of our services and facilitate the execution.