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Our team is able to offer consultancy services for natural gas and thermal installations designed for residential assemblies, mixed and insdutrial units. The main purpose of consultancy services is choosing the optimum solution from technical and economic standpoint in accordance with costumer’s needs and legislation in force. We deal with formalities required to obtain permits from local public administration authorities.

The main categories of services we can provide are:

  • obtaining the town planning certificate, approvals and building permits for real estates;
  • obtaining the town planning certificate, approvals and building permits for facilities crossing rivers;
  • obtaining the discharge permit and environmental permit.

The benefit of our advisory services, the following steps are needed:

  • contact the Client Service department in order to request a meeting at our company headquarters or an online request using the form below and in order to provide essential information regarding your needs;
  • planning the meeting that will take place at our headquarters;
  • request the tender which contains cost estimates, deadlines for completion;
  • client agreement and signing a contract between the client and the firm;
  • completing the contract and compliance with contract terms.

NOTE that we can represent you following a notary declaration!

Basic information:

  1. The building permit is obtained based on “DTAC”- Technical documentation for releasing the building permit,  along with the town planning certificate, agreements and approvals established by the issuing authority which releases the building permit; DTAC is verified by certified technical verifiers, through this phase are set out key references of building’s equipment;
  2. Technical project- represents the technical and economical documentation, completed in accordance with the laws in force, verified by certified technical verifiers and respecting the conditions imposed by the building permit, agreements, approvals and administrative act of authority for environment protection;
  3. D.E- execution details- represents technical documentations, verified by certified technical verifiers which comprise graphic representations in accordance with legal provisions of the technical project.

Benefits from the consultancy services:

  • saving time following provided informations on tabling documents;
  • solutions for reducing costs;
  • mediating the relationship with auttorities;
  • acces to complete and useful informations from specialized personnel;
  • obtaining independent evaluations and reccomandations.