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Water-channel Networks and Installations

      According to Apa Nova, almost 1.7 million of urban population from Bucharest benefit from supply water and sanitation services. The infrastructure’s modernization is necessary for reasons that consist in improving the quality’s life of the consumer and the wear’s pipes that happends over time. This is why our company has recently expanded it’s activity in water channel works that are newly added in the firm’s portfolio. Through time, we became more and more active in this field, executing water suppliers and connections to the public network for many office buildings, and work replacements of public water supply networks. The designing and executing stages are concordantly with legislation in force. We use a wide range of high-quality, innovative materials from our well known suppliers in this area.

   The main category of services and work we provide are:

  • obtaining the technical solution from the local distributor;
  • designing water pipelines and sewer connections;
  • expanding water channel networks;
  • replacing public water supply networks;
  • diversion of water channel pipes;
  • design and execution manholes;
  • water branching/sewer connection execution in crowded areas of utility networks, the execution can also be made with horizontal directional drilling;
  • resizing the branch used in common;
  • quick interventions;
  • installing or replacing cold and hot water meters, regardless of diameter, in associate working condition;
  • separating drinking water metering belonging to entrance of the homeowners associations;
  • repairing water columns, taps and slide valves replacements, nets basement replacements;
  • installing sanitary equipment;
  • mounting and installation of exterior hydrants.

  Connecting to the water distribution system consists in:

  • obtaining the necessary approvals from Apa Nova;
  • designing branching and connections;
  • authorization from certified technical verifiers;
  • work execution;
  • procuring and installing the measuring loop provided by Apa Nova;
  • work reception and commissioning the brenching or sewer connection, made by Apa Nova;
  • signing contract for providing water supply/sewarage services;
  • signing the delivery and acceptance contract for the executed type of work.