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Ways to reduce energy consumption

It is known that the energy consumption has increased cnsiderably over time, this is why there are implemented international programs in order to reduce energy consumption. The increased interest in the use of technology in order to help energy economy is based on economic (significant decreases in costs) and environmental reasons. According to a study in terms of individual energy consumption, in a home the heighest consumption is registered at space heating- more than 50% of total consumption. The remaining percentage is attributed to: ai conditioning, cooking, hot water consumption, and also various resources like a refrigerator, light.  Space heating and hot water use are the main sources of energy, a very large part of a family budget. This is why, in today’s article we will talk abut any consumer solutions which are handy in order to significantly reduce energy consumption and ensure the comfort that they need. Also in order to reduce monthly costs.

  1. Pay attention to the temperature room. If you have in your home a gas central heating is important to have a room thermostat connected to it. Every degree that you set above will contribute to your heating costs. The recommended temperatures for your home, depending the room in need are: 20°C, kitchen: 18°C and bathroom: 22°. Insulation plays an important role in terms of energy consumption. A poorly insulated house generates heat loss and this reflect automatically on the monthly gas bill.
  2. Don’t ventilate your home with the central heating on. The gas central heating has seted the temperature that you want in your home. In the moment that you decide to ventilare, all the cold gets in your house amd automatically generates warmth loses. In order to get back at the seted temperature, the heating installations consumes more energy and this reflects in your bill.
  3. Use motion detectors! If you live in a block, especially in a 90’ construction, the staircase is permanently lighted, this leads to a higher energy consumption. A solution to optimize energy consumption lighting automation. Motion detectors serve to turn on the light only when it detects a person. The economy that you make using these motion detectors is huge and you can see the benefit in your anually bill.
  4. Adjust the brightness level! Lighting control in order to reduce energy consumption and to enhance comfort is another option that a home owner can take into account. The light dimmer allows you to adjust the brightness in a quick and easy way. One advantage is that it uses less electricity than lighting at rated power.
  5. Avid electro-domestic equipment degradation. In cas of electric discharges it may occur the following phenomenon: the lighting can put under tension the undergound installation and related facilities. Surges coming from the coupling produced by the undergound wire and the gas pipeline can produce enough energy to give birth to a fire or destroy the surroundings. A solution to avoid the damage from lightning is equipping the distribution switchboard community with an overvoltage, so your electrical equipment inside your home can be protected.

We must mention that the technologies used in saving energy resources imply high costs, but the perspective which one must look at it’s a long term one. Although the main investement is higher, in long term, costs will be significantly reduced, aside the ecolgical benefits that you should take in consider. In the category of technologies used for this purpose we can mention: installing heat sensors, investing in specially designed windows to capture the light, choosing a high quality central heating station. The tendency is of course to save as much as possible, and the price is the main factor taken in consideration in an acquisition of any kind. Moreover, a number of technologies come to help energy saving can be considered a fad, but in reality, every step made towards reducing consumption counts.